Josan's message
"Now with internet we have the opportunity to create new ways. So what if we can create a network for musicians where the audience is removed from the equation, music for musicians, we make, we consume, we decided. This idea frees composers and conductors from the tyranny of the actual industry of music. The network involves the musicians who produce and who consume without barriers, without limits; gives the opportunity to create projects instead being stopped by the walls of the actual business model; and supports musicians by musicians without depending on others"

The idea was born in an Electroacoustic's room in 2006. I patented it in May of 2007. In the next 8 years the progress of the idea was slow with no support and with three radical stops, till january of 2015 when the idea of the team came up. I brought together the developers company "NTQ Solution" from Vietnam and the software engineer Artur Tadevosyan from Armenia, making a team with different skills and experiences that came together with same motivation and extraordinary dedication. This has provided us a perfect environment for work, where everybody is giving their best, and the truth is that without the team, the idea would never be successful.

I believe that Dot Conductor mobile app will make easier the work of the musicians to play together in chambers, bringing them a conductor when normally they have not. Dot Conductor is for smartphones, the perfect device for the app, as the slogan says "you have the scores even with bows and the conductor in your pocket".

Be the first who have made possible to edit the music performance has been a big challenge, personally and for the Team and as a result of that we have Dot Conductor and Dot Editor offering a new way of designing music and a new way to play music, opening new doors and windows of relation between musicians.

I really thanks to the Team everything that they have done.


Josan Aramayo

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Artur Tadevosyan

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Son To

Co-Founder, Project Manager

Steve Tran

Co-Founder, Business Analyst

Tam Nguyen

Mobile developer

Le Duong

Server developer

Hoang Nong

Web developer

Huan Nguyen

Mobile developer

Bao Ha

Server developer

Linh Nguyen

Server developer

Hoang Hung

Mobile developer

Duy Nguyen

Dot Editor developer

Thanh Trinh




Nhat Oanh


Pham Tan

Mobile developer